SK-Blues-Digital-CoverSammy Kershaw has long been one of Country Music’s most definitive voices, with a string of hits ranging from the rowdy “Cadillac Style” to the romantic “Love of My Life.” If you look at the title of his newest disc, The Blues Got Me, you might think he’s taking off in a different direction. But, Sammy says you might need to think again – the Blues have always been a part of the music that influenced him.

“You know, people like George Jones, Hank Williams, Ronnie Van Zant, or Mel Street were country soul singers. There’s just a few that can make me cry like that. Those guys could. That’s rare. I hear it. I feel it. They moved me. I like to think of myself as a country soul singer, so the Blues would be something naturally for me to want to do and like.”

The Blues Got Me definitely sounds like a natural artistic progression for the stylist. He says he’s not trying to change or anything like that, but rather showcase the wide menu of musical choices he grew up around in his native Louisiana.

“In Louisiana, we have so many different styles of music. There’s Zydeco, Cajun, and French. We have Jazz, Blues, and Country – so many different things. I’ve always liked the Blues, always have. Country is where my heart’s at, and will always be.”

One thing is for sure, in recording The Blues Got Me, Sammy did his best to represent the music he loved – as well as the artists that have played so crucial a part in it. “There’s so many that have influenced me. You’ve got to start with B.B. King, of course. He definitely would have to be one. I loved his music. Who doesn’t? Muddy Waters, too! But, at the same time I also love Keb Mo, and what he brings to the musical table. He’s just an amazing singer and musician. The Blues is the Blues. You can’t get around it, that’s for sure.”

There are moments on the new disc that might throw Blues aficionados for a loop. But, that’s ok, Sammy says. It’s all how you define the term. Take “Ain’t My Cross To Bear,” for instance. “That’s an old Allman Brothers song, you know. Now, a lot of people might not consider them blues…they’d put them in the rock and roll category. But, when you listen to some of their songs, it’s a style of the blues. They cut their teeth on that Macon sound, and of course, Otis Redding, was from there, and I loved him too, as well as Percy Sledge. Who doesn’t love him?”

Sammy had a hand in writing seven of the eleven cuts on The Blues Got Me. One might think that you go to a different place to write the Blues, but he says he just tried to make the music as truthful as he could. “There wasn’t a different approach to it. I only write about what I’ve lived. I don’t consider myself a writer. Every once in a while, I might get lucky and write one. That’s what happened here. I sing it influenced by what I’ve lived, and what I feel singing it. As it turns out, a lot of other people in the world have felt the same way. My music is honest. I don’t sing about anything I don’t know.”

One of the highlights of the album is “I’m Goin’ Crazy,” about a mysterious lady from Sammy’s past. “I wrote that in about ten minutes. We were in the control room, and we were getting ready to cut something else. It just all of a sudden popped in my mind, and it wrote itself. Actually, it’s about a girl with black hair from New Orleans. I lived it when I was nineteen or twenty. I still remember her name, and that’s a long time ago.”

He combined his love of the Blues with western movies in “I’m Your Huckleberry,” of which he said “I signed this guy to a publishing deal, and he rode with me one night to a show – not too far from Lafayette. He had an idea for a song, and was playing it for me. I’m a big fan of Doc Holliday in Tombstone, and he says in the movie, ‘I’m Your Huckleberry.’ I can’t remember what the idea for the song that night was, but I woke up the next morning, and all of a sudden, I started writing it. I sent it to him, and said ‘Here’s your song, man.”

The Blues Got Me represents the latest chapter in the musical odyssey of Sammy Kershaw. But, he’s got a few aces left up his sleeve. “I’m going to do another studio album this year, and we’re starting to work on our first-ever Gospel record,” he says, also saying he just might experiment with another sound of Louisiana – Swamp Pop music. “That’s something I’m thinking very seriously about in the future,” he says. “I’m feeling good. I’m singing good, and the fans still want to hear us. Why not do all you can to give them music? You only live once!”

Track List:
The Blues Got Me
That train
Ain’t My Cross To Bear
Where’d The Money Go
Big Legged Woman
I’m Gone
No Money Down
I’m Your Huckleberry
I’m Going Crazy
Hot Night In Kaplan
No Money Blues

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Sammy Kershaw Inks Deal With Cleopatra Records
To Release New Album I WON’T BACK DOWN on June 9th

Sammy Kershaw CleoWith a legacy that stretches across three decades, encompasses gold and platinum sales, and includes numerous iconic hit singles, Sammy Kershaw is gearing up for the June 9th release of I WON’T BACK DOWN on Cleopatra Records.

Kershaw – a native of Kaplan, Louisiana, first broke onto the Country Music scene in 1991 with the sing-along hit “Cadillac Style.” He became one of the most-played male acts of the 1990s with such radio staples as “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful,” “Love Of My Life,” and “I Can’t Reach Her Anymore.” He has earned Gold and Platinum recognition for such albums as 1991’s Don’t Go Near The Water, 1993’s Haunted Heart, and 1997’s Labor Of Love. Kershaw recently achieved his highest peak on the Billboard Country Albums chart in fifteen years with Do You Know Me, his tribute record to longtime friend and hero George Jones.

I WON’T BACK DOWN is a mixture of all things Kershaw, ranging from the romantic yearnings of “Lay Back Down” and “Let’s Lay Here Forever” to the heartfelt regret of the haunting “I Had To Give That Up Too.” He also ventures into a light-hearted feel on up-tempo cuts like “Fixer Upper” and “Grillin’ and Chillin.” As is the case with any Kershaw album, you can always count on a cover – and I WON’T BACK DOWN adds two to the mix – “Take A Letter Maria,” originally a No. 2 hit for R.B. Greaves on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1969, and the title cut, familiar to Pop listeners as a hit for Tom Petty from 1989.

I WON’T BACK DOWN is the first all-original album from Kershaw in five years, and the singer is excited to bring new music to his fans. “At all of our shows, or wherever go, people keep asking for new music. I’m glad to have a new record coming their way. They’ve waited a while. Hell, I’ve waited a while,” he said with a grin. “The other aspect of the new album that makes it exciting is getting a chance to work with Tim Yasui and all the staff at Cleopatra Records. Together, we’re ready to get it out to the people.”

“Sammy Kershaw is one of those voices that you know the moment you hear it. We at Cleopatra are excited to work with an artist of Sammy’s caliber,” says Cleopatra Records President Tim Yasui.

I WON’T BACK DOWN Track Listing:
1. Take A Letter Maria
2. Lay Back Down
3. Grillin’ and Chillin’
4. Fixer Upper
5. Groove
6. I Won’t Back Down
7. I Had To Give That Up Too
8. I Can’t Wait To Waste A Little Time
9. Send In The Rodeo Clowns
10. Don’t Move
11. Why You Wanna Do Me This Way
12. Let’s Lay Here Forever

About Sammy Kershaw
Sammy Kershaw is one of the most recognizable voices on Country Radio, with a list of hits that include “Cadillac Style,” “Don’t Go Near The Water,” and “Third Rate Romance.” To date, he has amassed 25 Top-40 hits on the Billboard Country Singles chart, as well as three Gold and three Platinum-selling albums. Kershaw has appeared on such television series as Prime Time Country, Hee Haw, and Hannity. In addition to his hit singles, albums, and concert appearances, he is also devoted to his home state of Louisiana, participating in two elections as a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. He has also collaborated with such artists as his hero, George Jones, on the 1993 single “Never Bit A Bullet Like This,” as well as fellow performers Joe Diffie and Aaron Tippin for the well-received “Roots & Boots” tour.
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Do You Know Me - Vintage Vinyl

(Photo courtesy of Sammy Kershaw)

Vinyl Edition of Kershaw’s ‘Do You Know Me? – A Tribute to George Jones’ Available Now

Nashville, Tenn. (September 11, 2014) – As critics continue to rave about SAMMY KERSHAW’s new George Jones tribute album, Do You Know Me?, the country music star is now making the album available in vinyl form.  The vinyl edition contains two LPs and is available now in select record stores and online at

“I decided to make this album available on vinyl because it seemed appropriate,” says Kershaw.  “Jones released all of his early records on vinyl because there wasn’t any other way to do it.  Vinyl gave his records that vintage sound that can’t be replicated so on my tribute to him, I wanted to do the same thing.”

Kershaw tackles some of Jones’ biggest career songs on the 14-track album. The tribute includes Kershaw’s renditions of “White Lightning,” “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes,” “The Grand Tour,” “He Stopped Loving Her Today” and “The Race Is On,” among others. Two all new songs, inspired by Jones, are also included and Kershaw recruited the “Possum’s” daughter Georgette Jones for the classic duet, “Near You.”

Do You Know Me? was released on July 22 and debuted at #37 on the Billboard Top Country Music Albums Chart, landing Kershaw his first Billboard Top 40 album in more than a decade.

The tribute to Jones is produced by Kershaw and available through his label, Big Hit Records.

About Sammy Kershaw
Often referred to as the heir apparent to the legendary George Jones, GRAMMY®-nominated Sammy Kershaw’s hit songs include “Cadillac Style,” “Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer,” “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful,” “I Can’t Reach Her Anymore,” “National Working Woman’s Holiday” and “Love Of My Life.” Kershaw is a multi-platinum selling artist whose history includes six Gold and five Platinum albums that have collectively sold millions of records throughout the world.

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Newly Recorded Versions of Kershaw’s Biggest Career Hits to be Released November 11

Album of Hits Also Includes All-new Material from Country Music Star

SammyKershaw_BigHits_coverNashville, Tenn. (October 16, 2013) – Twenty years after landing his first #1 Hit, GRAMMY-nominated county music star SAMMY KERSHAW is back in the studio rerecording many of the chart toppers that made him a household name.

On November 11, Kershaw will release BIG HITS: VOLUME 1 (Big Hit Records). The album contains ten of his biggest career hits in addition to two brand new songs. Newly rerecorded songs on the album include “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful,” “Cadillac Style,” “Queen of My Doublewide Trailer,” and “Third Rate Romance,” among others.

“It felt good to go back into the studio and rerecord some of my hits,” says Kershaw. “The technology we have in the music business now makes them sound much more fresh and updated but the heart and soul is still there in every song.”

On choosing new songs to include on the album, Kershaw notes, “I’ve been listening to a batch of songs for about a year and finally narrowed it down to a few I thought were good for this album. ‘The Middle’ is all about falling in love with your girl out in the middle of the country and ‘Can’t Put My Finger On It’ is a little edgy but it’s a great singalong and I think folks will really like it.”

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About Sammy Kershaw

Since his debut on the music scene in the early ‘90s, Sammy Kershaw has remained one of the most consistent power hitters in country music with a chain of major hit records and sell out tours. His focus is reclaiming the roots of country music and recapturing the spirit that made it great. Often referred to as the heir apparent to the legendary George Jones, Kershaw’s Platinum albums have included such classics as “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful,” “I Can’t Reach Her Anymore,” “National Working Woman’s Holiday” and “Love of My Life.” Kershaw is a multi-platinum selling artist whose history includes six Gold and five Platinum albums that have scanned in excess of five million records.

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Big Hits: Volume 1 Track Listing:

1. Don’t Go Near The Water
2. She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful
3. Yard Sale
4. Vidalia
5. Haunted Heart
6. The Middle
7. Cadillac Style
8. Love Of My Life
9. Third Rate Romance
10. Louisiana Hot Sauce
11. Queen Of My Doublewide Trailer
12. Can’t Put My Finger On It

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